Custom Wheel Builds

Custom Wheels

Machine built wheels make up for the overwhelming majority of wheel sales world wide. The idea of walking into your local bike shop and getting a wheelset instantly sounds like a convenient way to upgrade, and it is.  But by buying a prebuilt set of wheels you are essentially telling yourself that you don't really care too much about your wheels. As long as they roll smoothly and look good, you'll be sufficiently satisfied.. However for many cyclists this isn't a viable option. 

So All of our wheels:

  • Wheels are laced using Spoke Prep thread lock to ensure longer life.
  • Light oil lubrication is used between the nipples and rims during the build
  • Wheels have less than a 5% tension variance between spokes when they leave our shop.
  • All wheels are dished correctly.
  • Wheelsets are hand stressed to minimize any spoke wind-up.
  • Wheels include one free Retention after the wheel/wheelset breaks in along with one free full truing. 
  • Wheelsets are built with the same attention to detail regardless of price.